Information frequently asked questions

Basic questions

  • How to start investing?

    Just sign up and make your first deposit.

  • What is the mechanism of earnings, and how can I get more profit?

    You just need to choose the type of deposit and deposit funds. Then you can follow the growth of the deposit or withdraw funds at the right time. We also have a referral program.

  • What is the main activity of «Anza» Corp?

    We are engaged in cryptocurrency trading. In other words, we buy cheaply, we sell expensively, we keep the difference for ourselves, paying interest to investors.

  • How confidential is my data?

    Anza Corp uses modern security protocols, respecting the complete anonymity of investors for third parties.

  • Where is your office located?

    We are registered and are actually located in USA.

  • How can I make a deposit?

    You can fund your account using BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH .

Investment questions

  • How much money can you invest?

    The minimum deposit is 0.005 BTC, and the maximum is 50 BTC.

  • What are the risks?

    The risk in trading is always present. But our team has long learned how to minimize any possibility of failure.

  • What types of investments can you offer?

    We have two types: standard and vip. Standard - 3.5% for 40 days, the minimum deposit is 0.005 BTC. VIP - 4.7% after 35 days, the minimum deposit of 3 BTC.

  • Can I add funds to an existing deposit?

    Of course, you can replenish your deposit at any time, but the interest payment term will be recalculated for the newly deposited amount.

  • Is it possible to invest the interest received without taking them out of the system?

    Yes! You can increase your investment portfolio.

  • Can I make deposits for different tariff plans at the same time?

    An investor can make as many deposits as he sees fit, within the framework stipulated by the rules.

Withdrawal of funds

  • How can I withdraw funds?

    Order a withdrawal of money can transfer to online wallets. We work with both currency and cryptocurrency. Therefore you can use BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH.

  • How to order a conclusion?

    To do this, just apply.

  • What is the minimum amount to withdraw?

    You can withdraw any amount starting from 0.001 BTC.

  • What type of processing and payments does your company use?

    We pay money manually.

  • How long will I have to wait for the payment?

    The maximum period is 24 hours from the moment of approval of the application.

  • Can I withdraw funds before the end of the investment period?

    Unfortunately not. Your funds were used in the formation of a financial strategy, so their loss may affect the entire operation.

Referral program

  • What are the conditions of your referral program?

    Our company offers a three-level referral program. Attracted by your investors, making a deposit, bring you 7% of the amount. The second level 2% and third level will bring in 1% of each deposit.

  • I can only deal with referrals?

    Of course, many of our partners are engaged only in this.

  • How many referral links will I have?

    You only need one link.

  • Can I withdraw funds received exclusively from the referral program?

    Can. There is no reason not to do this.

  • How to attract referrals?

    You can invite friends and acquaintances, place a link on websites, forums and social networks.

  • How do I know if someone followed my link?

    In your personal account all your referrals will be displayed on three levels.